Friday, 2 February 2018

Valentine’s Day: It’s the month of love.

       What is Valentine’s Day All About?

Holding a yearly celebration to commemorate love has its roots in 270 AD when Roman Emperor Claudius II banned men from marrying during wartime as he believed that single men performed better on the battlefield. Bishop Valentine continued to hold wedding ceremonies despite the emperor’s orders and the Bishop was consequently executed on 14th February.

“According to legend it was St Valentine himself who sent the first valentine. This was in the form of a letter to his jailer’s blind daughter. He had fallen in love with her.”

Another theory is that the festival has its origins in a pagan celebration. The Lupercalia festival celebrated fertility and honoured the Roman god of agriculture. After sacred ceremonies all the single women in the area would be matched with a bachelor and they would form a couple for a year. This pairing frequently resulted in marriages. In the middle ages countries in Europe believed that February 14 was the yearly marker for the mating season of birds. Since the 19th century Valentines day has become an international occasion. In modern times people try to find Valentines Day ideas to show their significant other that they care.

Valentines Gifts and Ideas

From chocolates to red roses there are plenty of classic Valentines day gifts. While rushing to the shops and buying flowers is a good option you can also plan to give your partner a unique gift this year. Show your partner how much you care with one of these DIY gift ideas.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so if you are looking for Valentines gifts for him why not bake chocolate cupcakes? Give your cupcakes a romantic theme by using heart shaped baking trays. You can even use red icing to complete the Valentines day theme.

When it comes to Valentines gifts for her there are plenty of thoughtful ways for you to express your love. If you want to impress your partner, you can buy her jewellery to mark this special occasion.

Showcase your best memory by displaying a photo of you and your partner in an upcycled frame. First you will need to find a second hand frame for sale online and then you can decorate it according to your personal style. If you can’t find the right photo, why not book a photo shoot at T&M photography? With their great Valentines Day specials you can get your dream photos at an affordable cost.


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