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Friday, 16 March 2018

Know & Follow Hindu Dharma A resource for scientific information on Hindu Dharma


The first Holy festival which marks the beginning of the New Year, new month and new day for the Hindus falls on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada. It is known as Gudhi Padwa (Maharashtra), Ugadi (Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh). [In other parts of country it is celebrated during Nau Roz (Kashmir), Baisakhi (Punjab), Cheti Chand (Sindhi), Naba Barsha (Bengal), Goru Bihu (Assam), Puthandu (Tamil Nadu), Vishu (Kerala)] On this very day Lord Brahma created the Universe. Therefore for Hindus, this day carries special importance. The day is celebrated with an auspicious bath, followed by decorating the doorway with a ‘toran’, performing ritualistic worship and hoisting the Dhwaja or Gudhi.

Celebrate New Year only on Gudi Padwa!
Presently in Bharat New Year is being celebrated on 1st January as per the Western calendar. Celebration on the eve of the Western New Year includes a lot of malpractices like indulging in eve teasing after drinking, etc. So, instead of beginning the New Year on an auspicious note it begins unpleasantly. To ensure that the beginning of the New Year begins on an auspicious note celebrate it according to the Hindu scriptures, on Chaitra Shuddha Pratipada as per the Hindu lunar calendar, as this date is glorious in all ways – as per the cycle of Nature and it also has historical and spiritual significance. All this contributes to endowing the one celebrating it as per the Hindu scriptures with several benefits. It is the duty of each individual to arrest the loss being caused to the society by emulating the Westerners. 

Hindus! Strive to prove the superiority and eternity of Hindu Dharma!!
As we approach Gudi Padwa, Hindus must take stock of the direction in which they are heading. Sanatan Dharma is important not only from a Hindu viewpoint, but also from the viewpoint of human culture. Hinduism supports the ideology of multiple deities. The concept of multiple deities itself has made human beings tolerant. Even then we come across Hindus who question, ‘What is the need for so many deities?’ Such Hindus do not take any action against those who attack Hinduism or Dharma incessantly in all forms. Such Hindus were sleeping when Christianity was being propagated at the Tirupati temple. Even when the Islamic terrorist activities are posing a constant danger, we find politicians being partial to Muslims in every possible way. Even this does not seem to disturb these Hindus. They are asleep even when the Government is busy enforcing the ‘Temple Takeover Act’, so that it can control all temples and subsequently loot them. 
Hindus seated in important posts find it so imperative to maintain the moods of their so-called ‘secular’ bosses that they don’t even feel the need to talk about the tyranny faced by Hindus. Even the ousting of Kashmiri Hindus does not awaken their conscience. A society, which does not have even this much morality left, is fit for extinction. This is the future for such ‘Janma-Hindus’ (Hindus only by birth, not by action). Thus, be sure that the coming year has more blows in store for the few existing alert Hindus. Hence, these Hindus should get ready to bear and at the same time even to face these blows. They should mentally prepare themselves for the ensuing struggle necessary for the survival of Dharma during the dark hours. The time has come when we have to prove the superiority and the eternity of the values of Dharma through struggle. 

Science in the worship of the Gudi

The divine consciousness emanating during sunrise, absorbed at that time lasts longer. Thus the Gudi should be worshipped within 5-10 minutes after sunrise! 
On Gudi Padwa, the waves consisting of the fire element (Tej tatva) and the creative element (Prajapati element) are activated on a large scale. The divine consciousness emanating during sunrise, absorbed at that time lasts longer. This consciousness is stored in the body cells and used as required. Hence the Gudi should be worshipped within 5-10 minutes of the sunrise. 
Method of raising the Gudi
Position of the Gudi: Care should be taken to raise the Gudi next to the main entrance of the house. The spot selected should be on the right side (when sighted from the house) of the entrance. The right side symbolizes active state of the soul. 
1. The place for raising the Gudi should be cleaned and then a Swastik rangoli should be drawn on the ground. Turmeric and vermilion (Haldi-kumkum) should be offered at the center of the Swastik. 
2. While raising the Gudi, the ‘Shiva-Shakti’ element in the Universe should be invoked. This enables all the constituents of the Gudi to accept divine elements. 
3. The Gudi symbolizes the ‘Sushumna nadi’ of our body. Hence, the Gudi should be raised at the entrance. And it should be kept tilted at an angle. – A Scholar. 


‘O Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu! Please enable me to absorb the elements of creation, fire and Sun present in the atmosphere. Let the Divine consciousness present in these elements be preserved constantly. Let the energy thus received, be used for my spiritual practice.’

Celebration of Gudi Padwa

Ablution with oil (abhyangasnan) – an auspicious bath: On this day one should wake up early in the morning and take an oil bath. With an ordinary bath the raja and tama components decrease by 1/1,00,000 % and the sattva component increases by the same amount for a duration of only three hours. However with an oil bath it lasts for four to five hours. An oil bath consists of an oil massage to facilitate the absorption of oil by the skin followed by a warm water bath. Oil should be applied to retain the elasticityof the skin. Warm water is auspicious and pleasing to the body. Bathing after an oil massage retains only that amount of oiliness that the skin and hair require. Hence an oil massage is necessary before a bath. Application of oil after a bath is inappropriate.

Women at greater risk of heart attack than men

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is thought of as a man’s disease, but this isn’t true. In fact it’s the number one leading cause of death in Indian women and the risk is eight times greater than that of breast cancer.
Another misconception is that CVD occurs above the age of 50, nowadays people in their early 30’s and living in the city are extremely susceptible to a sudden onset. Whatever age a woman is at it’s time to begin taking proactive measures for a strong and healthy heart.
Though it is true that women have a lesser risk to CVD it’s only before menopause. The natural production of estrogen in women protects the heart, delaying the risk of having a heart attack by 10 to 15 years later than men.
After menopause the significant drop in estrogen puts women at a much greater risk than men. Women whose menses began before the age of 11, or became menopausal at the age of 47 or below are at greater risk of a heart attack, so are women who have recurrent miscarriages.
About 12% of people that have a heart attack in India are below the age of 40, which is double the number in the West. City life puts people at 3 times the risk due to lack of excursion which results in diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and many other factors which are stronger causes of heart attack in women than in men.
South Asian women are at great risk of cardiovascular disease as they are unlikely to receive timely intervention as compared to men. South-Asian women tend to be lax when it comes to taking care of themselves, as the age old adage of putting the family first and foremost is carried forward through centuries.
Women of our nation have the habit of brushing pain aside, after all the greatest pain felt by a woman is during the birth of a child and comparatively everything else is ‘discomfort’.
The biggest problem is the lack of awareness that heart disease in women doesn’t always manifest itself as it does in men; often times there is no conventional angina pain on the left arm or left chest that occurs. The symptoms of heart disease in women could be pain in the jaw, back pain, or trouble breathing which could be ignored as something trivial; even if she goes to a clinic or hospital there is a chance of it being overlooked by a doctor.
Cardiovascular disease is preventable and corrective measures should be taken immediately. Regular checkups of cholesterol levels, removing all trans-fats, taking alcohol in limited amounts, and exercising regularly for 30 minutes a day can prove to be mighty beneficial.
Focus on diet is the greatest boon, taking a good daily amount of fruits and vegetables, dried nuts, and good cholesterol producing fats can provide multiple benefits. These preventative measures can combat multiple diseases such as the commonly plaguing thyroid, diabetes and high blood pressure. Simple yet life-changing alterations to diet and lifestyle will not rob a child of a mother, and a husband from his beloved wife.

Making the child too ambitious is dangerous.

This is perhaps one question that starts from when we were children, and will continue even after we become aged. Did we create name and fame for ourselves in the world? We are witnessing a new trend where even aged people are not spared; they are advised to continue working so as to fulfil their yet-unfulfilled ambitions. Several websites and counselling centres have sprung up, to train professionals towards fulfilling their life’s ambitions and desires.

Each child is nurtured by the goal of ambition through parents and society – the message is dinned into their heads that they need to become ‘something’ or ‘someone’ important and useful. The child has to prove that he has some worth, by bringing in gold medals, whether it is in sports, music, dancing or debates. There is no respite, for this fire of ambition is lit and stoked even well into adulthood, middle age and now even in old age.

Ambition means a conflict; ambition means that whatsoever you are, you are wrong; you have to be somewhere else.Instead of making the child ambitious about reaching the top, parents and society need to recognize the child’s talents, qualities and potential, and nourish these in an atmosphere that encourages individuality.

All that the child needs from parents and society is a deepening of innocence and if a child grows with his centre blossoming, you will have, for the first time, a society of the Buddhas, the awakened ones, a society of culture.

Existence is not making a child ambitious; it is our misplaced social conditionings. Every child is unique. There is nothing to become, nothing to achieve. Let individuality in the child grow. Acknowledge the potential within the child and help it to blossom to its full potential.


Thursday, 15 March 2018

Beauty Essentials Every Woman Should Own.


Instead of losing sleep over dark circles, moaning over every zit and redness, it’s time to learn the magical art of concealment! Masking minor imperfections like the odd blemish and an uneven skin tone is the key to flaunting a flawless complexion at meetings, the boardroom, the classroom or over brunch. End your search for your newest BFF right here. We love Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer for minor imperfections and L'Oreal Paris True Match Le Crayon Correcteur to cover larger blemishes like dark circles.

It’s the ultimate pick-me-up on days you have to drag yourself out of bed feeling anything but bushytailed and bright eyed. This humble beauty product may have been outshone by the bright lip and the cat eye but never underestimate its power to make your face brighter in a flash. Just take care to pick a shade that matches the color of your cheeks when you have a natural flush. Prone to breakouts? Choose a powder formula like Faces Glam On Perfect Blush. Clear skinned beauties should opt for a stain or creamy formula like Makeup Revolution Makeup Revolution Vivid Blush Lacquer.

Like your favorite scent, every girl needs a red lipstick that pretty much covers all the bases. Makes you look sorted and confident at important meetings, adds necessary glamor to a party look and generally makes you feel like a million bucks. Take your pick of fire engine red, cheery cherry, smoldering cinnamon or happy candy apple. Just pick a shade that suits your complexion best. For more pointers on how to pick your red.Then sit back and enjoy the envious glares that come your way.

If anything can make you look instantly glam and ready to face the day, it’s mascara. Despair not if your natural lashes are not show-stopping worthy. Fake a long, curly, sweeping, thick or voluminous fringe thanks to a dizzying array of formulas at quick reach. Take your lashes from sparse to stunning in 30 seconds flat by just swiping on a few coats of mascara. For long, luscious lashes try Maybelline New York Magnum Barbie Mascara. For curls made in heaven give Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara go.

We’re always shocked by the number of women who declare they’ve never used sunscreen! This despite the fact that the dangers of sun exposure are well documented, from sun spots and darkening to wrinkles and photo aging. The reason they cite is the way it feels. But unlike earlier sunscreens that were greasy and heavy, the new gen formulas are lightweight and pack a bunch of skin benefits too. From moisturizing, skin lightening and nourishing to doubling up as foundations, you can now pick one that suits you best. 

How on earth did we manage without it? They’ve been around a while but they’re still the biggest, best things in beauty. Why do we love them? Let’s count our reasons. Lightweight coverage that builds like foundation? Check. Stays in place even when we’re sweating buckets? Check. Skincare benefits? Oh yeah! How can anything that makes our skin look flawless and works from within to make our complexion perfect be anything but absolutely essential?  This is double-duty beauty at its best! 

Busy gals need miracles. Like bouncy, freshly washed looking hair minus a shampoo. Enter dry shampoo that buys you precious minutes when a shampoo-blow dry is just not an option.  The powder formula absorbs excess oil, dirt, product build up and odor to freshen up your look without a drop of water.

You’re sweaty and grimy. You are too tired to take your makeup off. You’ve spent hours on public transport, holding on to grubby rails. Facial wipes and hand wipes are life savers you simply have to keep handy. Sleeping in your makeup is an absolute no-no and the worst thing you can do to skin (besides eating junk and smoking). And keeping hand wipes handy is the best way to stave off germs that can cause colds and infections. 

We know you’re busy but spare a few minutes every month to lavish some TLC on your strands with a deep conditioning spa treatment. We especially love Organix Quenched Sea Mineral Moisture Surge Deep Treatment that nourishes dry and damaged hair, seals split ends and makes your strands healthier and lustrous. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Invincible Stephen, a symbol of hope and humility.

Stephen Hawking taught us that the universe runs on hope and humility. In this world of extremities, hate and arrogance, he was a symbol of hope and victory of human perseverance over helplessness and defeat.

He was good, often referred as “Einstein” in early school days but was not described as exceptionally brilliant. His father was head of the parasitology division at the National Institute for Medical Research. His family consisted of his parents, two sisters and an adopted brother. They were often regarded as a ‘senile’ family who would silently keep reading books even during supper! At 17, he was admitted to University College, Oxford and his physics tutor, Robert Berman, later said, “It was only necessary for him to know that something could be done, and he could do it without looking to see how other people did it.”

But life had something difficult in store. He got married, had three children and was diagnosed with motor neuron disease, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). It was catastrophic and the end of everything he planned seemed so near.But that did not dampen his spirits and even though the doctors predicted that he may not live more than two years, he lived much longer and introduced us to the finest books based on the concept of time, cosmos, applied mathematics and theoretical physics. Television series like Brave New world, Master of Universe, Theory of everything, and his best seller book- A Brief History of Time showed us that he was a great thinker, a fighter who defeated despondency and emerged as a winner.

Hawking was a symbol of hope and humility to millions across the world. He became a great source of inspiration, strength and willpower to those who lacked something and felt depressed. Hawking was proof that difficulties in life can be overcome if you have the will to move on.Hawking must inspire us Indians to focus diligently and with a heart to facilitate educational facilities for the specially-abled children in the country. A nation is not great because of its gigantic infrastructure and the highest GDP but because it has sensitive and humble leaders who care for the smallest segment of the society however politically insignificant they might be.

These lines by Stephen Hawking must be taught in every school in our country- “My advice to other disabled people would be, concentrate on things your disability doesn’t prevent you doing well, and don’t regret the things it interferes with. Don’t be disabled in spirit as well as physically”.


Tuesday, 13 March 2018

A quota for women: This is one big idea awaiting implementation by the Modi government

For nearly a quarter of a century, every union government till the present one has unsuccessfully attempted to enact a women’s reservation bill for quotas in Parliament and state assemblies. The governments of Prime Ministers HD Deve Gowda, AB Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh each introduced the bill once or more.


Only the tenure of IK Gujral did not see such an attempt, but that was essentially a continuation of the same United Front government that had done so under Deve Gowda, with a change of PM. As the Modi government’s first term enters its last lap, the issue is again gaining traction. Will he give it a shot as well? What are the bill’s merits and, just as relevant, its political viability?

Though reservations in India have had a mixed track record, and continue to be a source of contentious politics, they have also played a role in challenging age old social barriers. Nevertheless, pleas to modify reservations, such as limiting it to one generation of beneficiaries, rigidly excluding the more affluent “creamy layer” among them, and exclusion from highly technical disciplines, are all worthy of debate.

Indian women’s lives are burdened by low literacy (59% vs a national average of 74%); even lower levels of financial inclusion (42% vs developed countries’ averages approaching 100%); and shockingly low participation in the workforce (only 28% compared to even South Asian neighbor Bangladesh’s 45%). Similarly, the percentage of women elected to Lok Sabha, at just under 12%, is about half the global average of 23%.

Quotas for women in local body elections have been in place for years. Observing the impact of that on the ground is eye opening. On the one hand, many a woman sarpanch or Zilla Parishad member is just a rubber stamp, with a male relative wielding the real authority. I have personally witnessed, on the other hand, several such elected women come into their own, handling the hourly burly of politics themselves, and with aplomb. Such women are influencing others, and changing societal attitudes.

The rationale apart, the political will for it has never been enough to overcome opposition. Furthermore, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been seeking transformational change through mega persuasion campaigns instead of by legislation, for example the exhortations of the Swachh Bharat programme, rather than emulating Singapore’s harsh punishments for littering. Presumably, PM’s similar exhortations on gender equity could be construed as his preferred alternative to quotas.

But he is also known to spring surprises. And considering the potentially huge political benefits from co-opting a big women’s issue, it should not be ruled out. Despite the fact that it is UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi who has again spoken up for it, this government has a demonstrated track record of pushing through, and thus gaining credit for, big ideas that had been gridlocked for decades.

Amazon ropes in Gaurav Gandhi to head Prime Video in India

In a high profile move, e-commerce major Amazon has roped in Gaurav Gandhi, currently head of Voot, as director and country manager - India for Prime Video. 

The position was vacant since the sudden exit of Nitesh Kripalani in August last year. Sources close to the development have confirmed to ET that Gandhi is expected to join Amazon in a couple of months. 

Viacom18 confirmed on Monday that Gandhi has put in his papers after serving for 8 years. He had joined the company in March 2010 as chief commercial officer and head of international business. Later, he was named COO of India Cast, the distribution joint venture between TV18 and Viacom18. In August 2015, he was appointed as COO of Viacom18 Digital Venture, which launched the company’s on-demand over-the-top (OTT) service Voot. 

A seasoned media and broadcast executive, Gandhi has also had leadership roles at various companies including NDTV Imagine, Star India, Turner International India, and Madison Communications. 
Gandhi was instrumental in taking Voot to the top 3 Video OTT services in India in terms of both monthly active users and time spent. He was not reachable for comments till filing this report. 
At Amazon, he will replace Kripalani who had joined the e-commerce major in December 2014 as head of the instant video business and was involved in stitching deals with various Indian film production companies and content makers. 

Amazon Prime Video, which was launched in December 2016, witnessed a rapid growth in subscriber numbers, but at a very high cost as it invested heavily in exclusive movies, TV shows and stand-up comedy content. 


Top 3 Shopping Trends Right Now

TREND #1: Getting Personal

“Right now, consumers have a need to personalize and be more individual and self-expressive, like when people buy bracelets with sayings on them,” says Sengstack. “We share so much of who we are on social media, so people want something that feels authentic to who they are and doesn’t feel the same as everybody else. You’ll find this at Avon with our Cherished Memories and Precious Charms jewerly collections, which are all about telling your story through your jewelry.”

TREND #2: Less That’s More

These days, people are wanting less stuff, but what they do want has to be more important or it has to work harder for them,” he says. That could take the form of a really amazing splurge, like this fabulous fur vest, from Avon’s Holiday collection. “At $110, it’s is a higher price point for us, but it is the kind of thing that totally makes your outfit and makes you feel completely confident,” he says. The trend also extends to versatile pieces that give you a lot of bang for your buck. “Velvet is a key trend for fall, and our velvet top can be worn lots of different ways from casual to dressed up, depending on how you accessorize it,” he says.

TREND #3: Home is Where the Heart Is

“People are finding comfort in being at home with their families and close friends,” says Sengstack. “It’s less about going out to a restaurant or bar, and more about cooking dinner and entertaining more.” That means, you might be thinking more about special entertaining pieces for the table like a cheeky cheese board or a festive baking set.“Avon Living, our home entertaining and home décor collection, is about the product that gives you an idea that creates a moment that becomes a memory,” he says. “A copper mug may not be something you NEED, but it might give you the idea to make the fun Moscow Mule cocktail you have seen. Then, that becomes an experience you share and enjoy with family and friends and that mug made it more special and memorable.”

Monday, 12 March 2018

How to Lose Weight (Without Going on a Diet!)

Eat Less.

If you want to lose weight without staying away from your favorite meals, you’ve got to eat less. This prevents you from taking in more calories than your body can burn. So, how do you eat less? Use smaller plates for your meals. It’s hard to serve small portions on large plates because we naturally love our plates full.Drinking one or two glasses of water before eating also helps. This tricks your tummy into feeling full.
You can also try eating using your non-dominant hand. If you’re left-handed, for instance, use your right hand. This way, you will eat more slowly and remain mindful of your meal.Slow eating can help you feel fuller faster. The faster you feel full, the higher your chances of kicking that plate away.

How About Eating with a Partner?

Our partners can influence our eating habits.But, the biggest beneficiaries of this weight loss hack are ladies.
Well, if you’re a lady, you want to cut the image of a delicate and soft person, especially when you’re in the company of men. Can we agree smashing a plateful of food in their presence isn’t good for your image? Right, you get it!

Dinners Out? Stay Away

An average restaurant meal contains about 1200 calories. Worse, 92 percent of restaurant meals are high-calorie meals.
This is bad news, especially when you’re trying to decrease your calorie intake in order to lose weight.
Perhaps you are thinking, “Well, I can go for a dinner out and have a small bite!”
Let’s be honest: Nobody goes out for dinner to have a small bite, particularly if you’re out with friends.
Can you afford sitting there as they sample chunks of exotic steak? My guess is you will start with a bite and before you know it, you’ve taken a whole plate.
However, you can still have occasional dinners out. Just be disciplined, and be sure to go out with people who’re also committed to losing weight.

Combine Your Diet Efforts with Physical Activity.

To get the best out of your new dieting style, combine it with some physical activity.No, you don’t have to hit the gym like a fitness maniac.
Start simple. Jog or bike around the neighborhood, walk to the park, join a dance class or go swimming.

In Conclusion..

Going on diet is challenging and it has its disadvantages.
If implemented incorrectly, it can cause a decrease in body metabolism, extreme hunger, loss of macronutrients and dehydration.
You don’t have to risk all that. With these weight loss secrets, you can shed those pounds without sticking to a diet plan.
What’s your take on losing weight without going on diet? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Fight now or remain dumb forever!

We need to consciously fight back the dumbing down effects of technology on our brains!
It has started to happen. Increasingly one sees people fumble to remember names, and then check phone lists in a panic.
It goes like this… You refer to someone who is, let’s say, an author. You stop because the name is mysteriously escaping you. You look up and left (a sign of tapping memory) or close your eyes (my way to recall), fumble a bit and then whip out your cell phone with an embarrassed and panicky look. A few clicks and scrolls, and ahhh… of course, here’s the name! How could you have forgotten?
Sounds familiar? I bet it does. And I bet your phone list is organized according to a person’s profession or company to aid memory. For you have realized that though you may forget a person’s name, you may still recall what he or she does, or in what context you met them. So in your phone list you will have categorized people as Doctors, Journalists, Ambassadors, Bankers, Beautician, Sabziwaala, Tailor, Massage lady, Spa, Maid, Driver, etc.
Human intelligence and attention spans are going for a toss as our reliance on cellphones and the internet increases. We are becoming poor thinkers and our brains learning to be lazy. We do not need studies to prove this, though several studies have done so. Just ask yourself – How many numbers have you committed to memory? Do you recall your children’s cell numbers? Your mom’s? Do you walk into a room and forget what you came for? Do you get so distracted by the beep of your cellphone that you miss bits of a conversation?
Cell phones are wrecking our memory. It is scary to think that human memorization may become obsolete in the near future! Digital amnesia, as it is termed is a critical problem already. The memory capacity of younger generations is degenerating. Our short attention spans don’t allow us to properly form and retain memories as we tend to treat devices as the external hard disks of our brains.
Before the advent of smart phones we were proficient in navigating our way around the city. Today technology navigates for us. We used to remember birthdays, important meetings, seminars, talks and family occasions. Today we rely on reminder tones to get us going.
Technology keeps our brains underutilized by giving us quick information and keeping us distracted. So our thinking tends to be superficial and unprocessed because of the next beep that demands attention. So, the obvious way to counteract the dumbing effect of technology is to keep our brains working and engaged.
  • Keep away the cell-phone for a few hours every day as a discipline.
  • Consciously try to memorise things, even if car numbers during your drive.
  • Look around while driving and try to memorise landmarks and names of streets rather than be distracted by your phone!
  • Play games and puzzles that aid memory and keep the brain active and thinking.
  • Do not sleep with your cellphone!
It is worrisome to imagine what will happen once facial profiling comes of age! Will we start forgetting faces too? Will we need to scan a face with our mobiles to remember who it is? And of course with the added advantage of being then able to find out everything else about them –  their age, favourite colour, food they like eating, their choice of entertainment and family information!
What then will be the difference between humans and robots? It is a scary future we are beeping our way towards unless we consciously keep fighting to stay above the water!


Friday, 9 March 2018

Protect your wife and children with regular monthly income even after you’re gone.

The SMS notification tone on the last day of each month sounds extra sweet. The message of your salary being credited is usually the best part of that day – or even the month. All those plans you had been holding on to – to take your wife out for a romantic dinner or to buy your daughter her favourite doll or take your kids to the amusement park over the weekend – you can now do it all. Until the next month, when once again new plans, new wishes, and new aspirations would be fulfilled. Payday doesn’t only bring a smile to your face but also gives you a repeated chance to be a superhero for your family.

A regular monthly income is not just useful but extremely rewarding – after all, it pays for your kids’ school fee, buys you some intimate vacations with your wife, lets you help your parents learn new skills like painting in their post-retirement days, and helps you rewind life with your buddies at the latest music festival. And oh, it lets you plan the future better with savings and investments.

You are doing everything right, or so you think until one day you realize that you’ve lost your job. Of course, you can find another one.But the scenario could be far worse. In an unfortunate incident like the death of the only earning member, a family is left devoid of not only luxuries but even the most basic expenses. The family that you’d loved with all your heart and might, and promised to protect till your last breath, doesn’t only have to bear an emotional trauma of losing you but also face financial challenges.

The lifestyle that you’ve built for yourself and your family – all the living expenses, home loans, incidental overheads, the little luxuries of life – they all require money. These costs do not end with someone’s life and fortunately, there are ways you can provide for your wife and kids long after you’re gone.

The monthly payout option helps families that are not very insightful with investments and find it difficult to manage the lump sum on the ill-starred death of the policyholder. Quite a few factors are responsible for this and the loss of a loved one is not the best time to make a decision about capitalizing the amount that you receive in case of 100% lump sum payout.And you would have noticed the premium of a policy with monthly payout option is much lower than the lump sum payment option. And so, it keeps you worry-free while you live and much after you're gone.


Thursday, 8 March 2018

How Women Use Social Media.


5 Ways Women Use Social Media.
  • 90% access social media via Smartphone,and 32% tap tablets
  •  The average female smart phone user checks her Social media apps 10 times per day
  • 94% of women interact with brands on social
  • 58% of women get their news from social sites
  • 72% of all American women have at least one social networking    account

10 Ways to Show Your Community Love

In many ways, a healthy relationship between your brand and its community parallels that of a healthy relationship between two people. Both relationships rest on simple tenets like respect, and both should be celebrated whenever possible.
When thinking about the connection you've built with your community and its members, remember these 10 truths of a healthy relationship to keep your community feeling loved and appreciated.

  • Remember to say "Thank you. "People generally enjoy saying or doing nice things for others, and tend to do it without expecting to be thanked for it. However, we all know how great it makes us feel when we are recognized for our efforts. When your community says something nice about you, it's always a wonderful idea to say "thank you."
  • Celebrate their successes. This is the age-old principle of thinking of others before yourself. If you do so, then you will probably notice the great things members of your community are accomplishing.Congratulate them and share their successes with others whenever you can.
  • Be a good listener. This is probably some advice we all received at least once from a parent in our lives. Like Stephen R. Covey points out in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, "Seek first to understand, then to be understood." Great relationships are also built on the idea of give and then, perhaps, get. Invest in your community by listening and understanding their needs.
  • Ask for their opinion.  There probably isn't a person alive who doesn't like being asked for their opinion. Collaboration on a project almost always produces a better end result. Social media has given brands an amazingly simple and effective way to engage with those who have thoughts and ideas about them and their products and services. Remember to ask your community for its opinion.
  • Don't forget about the little things.Sometimes it is the smallest of gestures that can mean the most to someone. Focusing on the little things that matter can show a person that they are indeed worth your time. When approaching relationships from a long-term frame of mind, it is very possible to make the time along the way for those important details without getting overwhelmed by the idea. Look out for the little touches to help each community member
  • Be patient. In any relationship, making things work means working through the occasional misunderstanding or frustration with one another. Life is not supposed to be simple; if it were, it wouldn't be all that exciting. It's important that you take a step back and look at every challenge from the other's point of view. Your patience and willingness to try to understand will be appreciated. Be known for your abundant patience and caring approach with your community.
  • Admit your mistakes. Nobody is perfect, and holding onto your pride will never do you any favors. When you invest in building relationships within your community, members get to know your brand's human side. You will make errors but, while members may be disappointed, your community generally has the ability and willingness to forgive. Be quick to admit your mistakes and be genuine in asking for forgiveness.
  • Share a common passion. Brands and people are more than capable of setting up daily routines to get things accomplished based on things that need to be done. And while working side by side on something does create a bond, it's usually not a bond that is sustainable over a very long period of time. Finding a common passion, something you both enjoy doing and talking about, creates the strongest bonds. If you are passionate about what you do, then no doubt there are others out there that feel the same way you do. Find them, invite them to your community, and enjoy learning and sharing together.
  • Show respect and gain trust. The strongest relationships are built on mutual respect and trust. But getting to that point should ideally start with you. Be willing to respect the views of your community even though you may not entirely agree with them. Community members have reasons for their views and it is up to you to understand, or at least accept, them. And, when making commitments to your community, make sure you meet or exceed their expectations. Being willing to compromise, or give and take, will help your brand demonstrate respect and earn a community's trust.
  • Celebrate Valentine's Day every day. Giving your community a Valentine once a year is definitely a nice gesture, but finding ways to show them how much you love them on a regular basis should be what you strive for. Apply your creative energy to think of new ways to accomplish goals 1-9. Most companies are still just awakening to this idea of focusing on their community, so anything you do to show appreciation for your community now can help your brand stand out in the crowd. And, heck, who doesn't enjoy making someone smile with an unexpected gift?