Friday, 16 March 2018

Making the child too ambitious is dangerous.

This is perhaps one question that starts from when we were children, and will continue even after we become aged. Did we create name and fame for ourselves in the world? We are witnessing a new trend where even aged people are not spared; they are advised to continue working so as to fulfil their yet-unfulfilled ambitions. Several websites and counselling centres have sprung up, to train professionals towards fulfilling their life’s ambitions and desires.

Each child is nurtured by the goal of ambition through parents and society – the message is dinned into their heads that they need to become ‘something’ or ‘someone’ important and useful. The child has to prove that he has some worth, by bringing in gold medals, whether it is in sports, music, dancing or debates. There is no respite, for this fire of ambition is lit and stoked even well into adulthood, middle age and now even in old age.

Ambition means a conflict; ambition means that whatsoever you are, you are wrong; you have to be somewhere else.Instead of making the child ambitious about reaching the top, parents and society need to recognize the child’s talents, qualities and potential, and nourish these in an atmosphere that encourages individuality.

All that the child needs from parents and society is a deepening of innocence and if a child grows with his centre blossoming, you will have, for the first time, a society of the Buddhas, the awakened ones, a society of culture.

Existence is not making a child ambitious; it is our misplaced social conditionings. Every child is unique. There is nothing to become, nothing to achieve. Let individuality in the child grow. Acknowledge the potential within the child and help it to blossom to its full potential.


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