Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Top 3 Shopping Trends Right Now

TREND #1: Getting Personal

“Right now, consumers have a need to personalize and be more individual and self-expressive, like when people buy bracelets with sayings on them,” says Sengstack. “We share so much of who we are on social media, so people want something that feels authentic to who they are and doesn’t feel the same as everybody else. You’ll find this at Avon with our Cherished Memories and Precious Charms jewerly collections, which are all about telling your story through your jewelry.”

TREND #2: Less That’s More

These days, people are wanting less stuff, but what they do want has to be more important or it has to work harder for them,” he says. That could take the form of a really amazing splurge, like this fabulous fur vest, from Avon’s Holiday collection. “At $110, it’s is a higher price point for us, but it is the kind of thing that totally makes your outfit and makes you feel completely confident,” he says. The trend also extends to versatile pieces that give you a lot of bang for your buck. “Velvet is a key trend for fall, and our velvet top can be worn lots of different ways from casual to dressed up, depending on how you accessorize it,” he says.

TREND #3: Home is Where the Heart Is

“People are finding comfort in being at home with their families and close friends,” says Sengstack. “It’s less about going out to a restaurant or bar, and more about cooking dinner and entertaining more.” That means, you might be thinking more about special entertaining pieces for the table like a cheeky cheese board or a festive baking set.“Avon Living, our home entertaining and home décor collection, is about the product that gives you an idea that creates a moment that becomes a memory,” he says. “A copper mug may not be something you NEED, but it might give you the idea to make the fun Moscow Mule cocktail you have seen. Then, that becomes an experience you share and enjoy with family and friends and that mug made it more special and memorable.”

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